“What is a garden without people?” someone asked recently.

What happens in a garden with sunshine, fresh air, the sounds of birds & wind & rains when no one is looking or listening?

We miss all of you who would under normal circumstances be coming to experience the garden in spring-time.  Each day new flowers open.  Each chance to meander brings opportunities to see & hear & experience something new – a fallen tree, an overflowing creek rippling over rocks,  small hailstones on the greenhouse, self-sown seedlings popping up  sometimes where least expected, all amid the chatter of birds vying for nesting sites & the sight of bees awakening from their winter hives.

As we try to adapt to new protocols, we’ve started a virtual “show & tell” series of walks in & around the garden.  Just as you would if you were visiting, you’ll have a chance to learn about some of the plants here and see some in flower. You might even hear some birds & see some bees.

See you soon,

Susan Treadway

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