A Wilderness Garden


Welcome to the Henry Botanic Garden

The Henry Botanic Garden is a wilderness garden.

Mary G. Henry’s lifelong love of the wilderness — and the plants of wild, natural places — inspired the garden she conceived. The topography offers the diversity of habitats for growing plants from all parts of North America, and affords sightlines with lovely natural vistas and rustic vignettes.

The Henry garden is neither manicured nor formal, but rather maintains the look of the natural settings where the plants originated. It has a quiet beauty and peaceful feel to it that brings unspoiled Nature palpably close to the observer. Expect to see something in bloom or in fruit at almost any time throughout the year. It is at once both a ruggedly primal yet tranquil wilderness garden.

Given the rugged nature of the garden’s landscape, all visitors should wear sturdy outdoor footwear. Long pants are also recommended and walking sticks are encouraged for the steeper, more uneven terrain.

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